Show variable data from microflow

Hi, I'm trying to receive the return value from a microflow on a page. But I can't find the right way. I created a microflow which returns a decimal created in the microflow. When I want to show this in a text field, I can't realy find a way to call the microflow to receive the returning decimal value. It's not a list of value’s, just one decimal value.   It seems very obvious to me, but I can't find the solution. 😅  
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Hi  Bram,

Your page should contain a dataview that expects an object of a certain type. In this object you can have a (decimal) attribute that you can show on the page. Just drag and drop the attribute onto the dataview from the ‘connector’ tab in  Studio Pro.

When you create or change the object you can set the value of your decimal.


It really helps a lot to follow some of the learning paths to get to know the basics quickly :)



Hi Bram,

you can show it using a custom string widget. i found this widget from the app store

This might help you