How to get the current page name in a microflow

I have a microflow that sets properties on an object and then goes to a specific page.  I now need to add that same logic to 4 other pages.  I do not want to make 4 copies of this microflow (each one ending in showing the proper page).  Is there a way I can get the current page in the microflow and then I can use Decision activities to go to the proper page? Or even better would be the ability to add a parameter to the microflow and then on each page I can specify a different value for that parameter but as far as I can tell Mendix still does not support passing in arbitrary values to microflows.
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Basically your solution, but with the pagename added to the object:

Add another property (attribute of type enumeration), for example, ‘PageName’, to your object and call a sub_microflow passing that object. In the sub_microflow add a decision on ‘PageName’, splitting it up into a separate path for each pagename, and add an activity ‘Open page’ to the page you want.