Use current value of a Reference Selector in a Microflow

Hi there, I’m fairly new to Mendix and I want to achieve a Chart, that changes its data based on a selected value on a Reference Selector. I’m using a Microflow to feed data into the chart, but i want it to retrieve data based on the current value of the selector. The question now is: How do I use the currently selected value of a Reference Selector in a Microflow? It doesn’t seem like i can hand it over as a parameter.  I also need to know how to trigger the refresh of a chart widget, so that the microflow that retrieves the data is activated again to change the chart. thanks alot in advance!
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you can pass the context object of the dataview in the microflow.

In the microflow you can retrieve the selected object in the reference selector by association. This is a in memory retrieve, and thus very light since the object is already in memory