How to get password of the current user that is loggen in?

I don't know what expression to use in the decision activity, to get the password of the user that is logged in. So, the user that is logged in should be able to change his password and no1 else. With the current microflow, all users can change each other's passwords, I want to add an activity that checks if the persons that is logged in knows his password.
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Hi Ahmad,

You are mistaken a user can only change its own password. This microflow applies entity access and if you take a look at the access rules at the user entity you will see that only the logged in user can change its own password.

If you want to change the password with checking the old password; use the verifyPassword JAVA action

or if you want to check if the logged in user is changing the user object of itself, check in an decision $Account = $CurrentUser

But both aren’t necessary to block a user to change other user password.


You are right thank you.

I want to change the password with checking the old password.

How can I do this? -> use the verifyPassword JAVA action