Calculating Cost Via Microflow

Currently, I have a microflow which calculates the total units after a pallet is ordered, it is updated after a pallet quantity is entered and on-change the flow is called.  When I am calling a similar microflow to calculate the cost of the product overall, it is not returning a value, however I am not receiving any errors. Everything is listed to commit or or update in the client, I am not sure what is needed. I have tried variations of committing the object and so on, all to no avail. It is made similar to the other working flows so I am not sure what the root cause of the issue is.  I have attached some images for reference, the script I am using for the creation of the variable is as follows:  $Orderline/Total_Unit_Count div 1000 *  $Orderline/Module1.OrderLine_ActiveStatusPricing/Module1.ActiveStatusPricing/Price_Per_Mil  
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Where & when do you trigger the microflow?

You could debug the microflow as suggested by Mike 



Instead of using the expression  


Retrieve the object ActiveStatusPricing by association first and use the expression

$Orderline/Total_Unit_Count div 1000 * $ActiveStatusPricing/Price_Per_Mil

run app, and debug it. See if you retrieve an object ActiveStatusPricing and if found what the value of attribute Price_Per_Mil is. 
My assumption is that either no object is retrieved or the attribute value is empty.