Object Not Being Retrieved

Hello,  I am attempting to do a calculation of a total cost of an item on an order. Parts are controlled by their active status with a customer, and with that the pricing associated to a customer, my microflow is set to retrieve part information and location data, as well as the active status and pricing in relation to the customer location. The issue that occurs is this function of getting the part and price is coming back as and empty object, and pricing is not being found, this then results in the microflow erroring out. I have confirmed entries in the table and am not sure why it cannot find the information from this table, or if it needs to be routed differently. I have attached screen shots of my forms used to add an active part, and also my domain model. This control via the part active status is key, as to easily designate part pricing by location, without having to enter the part several times over to associate to different facilities manually. Any alternative design recommendations are welcome, as well as troubleshooting support to get this object to return. 
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You confirmed that the objects are in the entities Part_Info and PartActiveStatus, but are you also sure that the objects are linked in the association table. Likely, they are not.

Things you can do:

  • In your MxStudioPro console click Advanced->Log levels and set the ConnectionBus_Retrieve to Trace and see what the retrieve actually does.
  • Add the OQL module and in the page “OQL_test” enter this and check the result:
    Select * from "Order"."Orderline"
    left join "Order"."PartActiveStatus"


For domain design tips:

- Keep entity  names singular and without an underscore,
- Rename Part_Info to Part,
- Rename Customer_Locations to Facility and instead of making it a specialization, associate it to entity Address.
- Move Facility_Type to Facility,
- Rename Address_Field_Trax to Address



The relationships are available as mentioned for all the various tables and the part active status. So this object should be returned with this microflow no?