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Hello Experts,       I am trying to implement lucene text search  in my application and also wanted to confirm whether lucene text search gives me/passes the test cases mentioned below Fo eg:Luice berg smith-Name in DB On searching with le or luie or brg ,it should give me filter and  show up lucie berg smith Also for Phone Number:(123) 456-7890-Mob.No in DB On searching with 1234567890 or 1234 or 567 ,it should give me filter and  show up (123) 456-7890.Also on searching the names in  the search field and if it unavailable in DB after navigating to another page from the searched page,the searched name should be automatically taken in to the next page with the logics.So finally i have to know whether it is effective to implement using lucene search module (With better perfomance) and the configuration, steps needed to build  search implementation using this module. Thanks in Advance.
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Are you implementing this with the Lucene module from the apps store?  If so, I would recommend using a newer module which will likely work better with Mendix 8

In either case, both modules provide installation and configuration steps in their documentation. 

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