Multiple Non-Persistable entities on one page

Hi Mendix Community, I am currently trying to figure out how to show several counts on one page. My use case is as described below: We have one entity which users create (“webinars”). The users input many attributes for each webinar (reserved/unreserved, live/recorded, etc). We want one page to show several different counts. As of now, I have a microflow to create a non-persistable entity to count the amount of reserved/unreserved (which is shown on the analysis page with a pie chart) but am having troubles figuring out how to show counts for the other attributes of webinars. If I make another microflow with a new non-persistable entity, I am not able to display this count on the same page as the first count, because you can’t have data grids with different entities on one page. When I set up one non-persistable entity (as below) with counts for each needed attribute, I still am not able to accurately show the data on the page for each attribute.   Any and all help is much appreciated!
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Create multiple references to the same entity (ie Counter_ReservedWebinar, Counter_UnreservedWebinar etc.). Then you can retrieve the other ones over the other references.