Cant manage REST Call with Mendix

Hey I’ve been trying this now several times but it just won’t work: I did the learning path for Importing and Exporting Data in order to understand the REST calls with Mendix, but I don’t succeed in getting Data from an extern Data Service. The Error Code in the Console is i.e.         Caused by: org.apache.http.ProtocolException: Target host is not specified
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Probably, you have created a Rest-call that triggers a call that is different from your expectation. Mendix has provided a way for you to check the Rest-call requests that come from your microflow: in StudioPro run your app locally, open your Console, click Advanced, click set log levels. Set the log level ‘Rest consumed’ to Trace. Now using your application, generate a rest call, and check your console’s log. You will find your call in detail and will probably see that you have a different target host compared to what you expected.

Go back to your microflow, open the rest call activity, and correct the location.


He Benjamin,

Here is how a REST call I created looks like. Does yours look similar?


Another test, if you put your equivalent of my Location in the browsers URL, do you get to see something like this:

Hope this helps!