Validations for the attributes in a page?

Hi Experts, Here I have a page with few attributes which has page level validations.  Also I have a button in the same page which calls the microflow. If I click the button to call a microflow to perform some actions it is not working. Indicates that we have to fill the required fields(attributes) first due to validations in the page level, then only we can able to proceed with the microflow call so want I want is that I have to call a microflow by triggering the button before filling the required field(attributes) Answers are much appreciated!
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Please set this to No in microflow settings


To Open another page skipping the validation:

  • It will not work with direct show page option
  • You can use a microflow on button click and then in that microflow simply use a show page activity. This will solve the above problem.


Note: Set the abort on validation to No in microflow settings