Need guidance for Data Grid display with Microflow as Data source

Hello, I am developing basic SAP application using Call Rest service(using SAP standard API service) which need to display the Purchase order header and item details by taking Purchase Order number as input field. However, I am able to display Header data but coming to item details, values are not getting displayed in Data Grid. As Item details are list of values, I am taking Data Grid with Microflow as Data source. Could someone please guide me how the microflow of data grid should be and which elements should be considered. Note: Fields in data grid are to be get from API response. Thanks in advance
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If your page has a dataview of an order and this view in question is the list of related orderlines. Instead of using a microflow as datasource it is more easy to retrieve over association.

Nevertheless, if you want to retrieve from a microflow, then the microflow has to have an input parameter taking in the order, it will retrieve the list of orderlines and pass that list as output parameter.