Scheduling Excel downloads

Hello, I'm trying to create a workflow which creates several Excel downloads. This workflow should be started by a scheduling event. In this example I want to create an excel file of customers and funds in my database. I'm stuck on two issues. In case I start this workflow manually, both sub-microflows create an excel (a popup shows me how many records were found per excel download) but only the second file is being downloaded. That's the first issue. The second issue is that if I create a scheduling event which starts this microflow, none of the excel downloads seems to be created. However I can see that the microflow started and ended, by the log entries created at the beginning and end of the workflow.   Is there a way in which I can create a scheduled event which starts a microflow in which a number of sub-microflows are called which create Excel exports ?
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What did you use to create the Excel files? The Excel exporter module? Seen the documentation here:

So your result is always a filedocument. I would create a list and pass that as parameter so that each submicroflow returns the filedocument and can be put on that list. Then you can use that list to proces the filedocuments. Assumption is that you are going to send them by mail?