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I’m creating a project management app and when creating a new project, the user can create a new “Task” associated with that project. How do I program it to only show the tasks that are associated with that particular project vs. all the tasks that have been created across all projects.    I created an entity in my domain “Project Profile” and another entity that is “Project Tasks” and created a Many to 1 association between the tasks to the project. I have the list view of the project tasks that show on my Project Detail page. But I only want tasks that were created under that project to show in that list vs. all tasks in the project task entity.    Under project detail I also have “New Note” and “New Quote” that i need to follow the same methods for as above but once I know how to do it for tasks I can replicate it.  Also, whatever solution you provide can you let me know if this needs to be done in Studio Pro or can it be programmed just within Studio? 
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(examples from studio pro, but it works the same in studio)

If this is your domain model:

The page should look something like this. Retrieving the tasks and quotes etcetera by association (quote_project, task_project)