creating object in the navigation bar in mendix 7.23.3

I have a problem when adding a new item in the menu bar in the navigation  when choosing on click as a creating object with giving a selected role for users  it doesn’t work it shows  for all the users in the modeler  while when we use the microflow it works  for the selected role  what have I understand that when choosing on click as creating an object is the same as creating a microflow it serves the same reasons   
1 answers

The navigation will show the option for all users with access.

If you’re creating an object then you will need a page for this. If all members have access to this page, then all members will be able to see the object create page in the navigation menu.

If your microflow is accessible for only a selected role, and you use the microflow in your navigation menu, then this microflow is only visible for the selected role.