Fetch value from reference selector to microflow (Call REST POST)

Hi Everyone,  I am trying to fetch the values selected from a page which has  textbox along with Reference Selector and then further pass it on to microflow (from Save button) which has Call Rest (Post) with POST Response component.  The data source we have – is an external one – so we are trying to connect with Mendix via Rest End points .  Problem is – I am not able to fetch the result from the Reference Selectors as their attributes are defined from associations.  Any help on this along with – how to deal with association with microflows (for external data source) would be great .  Thanks again. 
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May be I am not understanding you correctly. But you could retrieve the object over the reference and then use this object to do the stuff you want. Or did you use a regular save instead of a microflow?





Thanks again Ronald. 


Agent is “B” (taking lead from the previous explanation) – which is related to A with “hasX” association and agent further has Email . Consider a sample json which is used to create Export Mapping is this : 
    "Name": "CN SAP ",

    "Agent": {
        "Email": "DDD"

Creating export mapping process : through json structure. (Not sure if this is the right way – I also tried to do it with direct agentEmail attribute – didnt work) 

Issue is when I trying to fetch the value from the save button – the attribute of reference selector is  A.hasX/Agent/Agent.Email and I need to pass the value to my json post request – whatever teh value is selected. 

Any pointers to any solution related – link. etc would help.