Issue in Reference Selector on edit page after removing duplicates

Hi all, I have an Entity X in my domain model. That entity X has an attribute A1 that is either white or black. Of course there are several data records of type X in the database. Data record 1: white, A2 ..., AN Data record 2: white, A2 ..., AN Data record 3: schwartz, A2 ..., AN Data record 4: white, A2 ..., AN Now I want to change a record. In the edit popup there is a dropdown to change A1. To remove the duplicates in A1, I used a microflow. I used this microflow in Selectable Objects. Now in dropdown for A1 I only have 2 elements to choose: black and white. A1 attribute of the data set is not pre-assigned. Other attributes in the popup (e.g. text field), on the other hand, are arranged in the respective places. Now my question is: how can I preset the A1 attribute in edit page? Comment: if I do not use a microflow that removes the duplicates, it works fine and the attribute is preset. Same thing when I specify Editibilty as "never". Thank you for any help. With best regards, Samy
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From your description when not using the microflow to remove the duplicates, the data set in the field is not one of the values returned by the microflow. Therefor it is not one of the selectable options and the field is cleared. In these kinds op constructs when the field is set to editable never the fields will not be cleared. 

Check what values are returned by the microflow (object id’s) and what object is set automatically. I suspect you will find different objects, explaining the clearing of the field.