How to edit text in page in a microflow

Hi Experts, I am new here at Mendix and I have a question regarding on how to change the text in our label element in our page inside a microflow? Cheers!
2 answers

If you want to added the text on a page dynamically in a microflow, your text need to be stored in an attribute of an entity. You can change the text in the object of this entity in your microflow and refresh the page.

Your text needs to show a parameter (notation is {1}) that is configured to show the value of your object attribute.


The text of any activity in a microflow: you can change that in the property-section of that activity, in the attribute ‘Caption’.

The text of a label of an element on a page: you can change that by doubleclicking on the element in the page and changing the value of property ‘label caption’.

If you are asking about some other element, please add a screenshot to your question.