mx-progress not getting dismissed from page

Hello All, We are running into an issue where mx-progress is not getting removed from page when user switches page before previous page load complete. In our application we have multiple cards on header, each card click will open a new page. Each page consists of multiple data view loader, which retrieves data from REST services in asynchronous manner, render data in  data grid and labels.  When we inspect the elements while the issue occurs the div responsible to show the progress indicator is not getting removed from page, in success scenario the div removed from HTML elements. Can you please provide your inputs what might cause this issue? Thanks in Advance. Kind Regards Manikandan S  
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Hi there,

has this issue been solved? I think I'm facing the same problem in a slightly different situation:


My app starts with the page Home_Web, on which there is a Data View with a nanoflow as a datasource.

This nanoflow calls several REST services and then shows another page.

The same div as shown in this post remains in the DOM.