Retrieve mutiple enumeration list?

Hi, I open today a page with a Microflow that recieves the latest stored value for a Radio button enumration. It works great. However I would like to increase this to have 4 radiob buttons enumerations to be retrieved at the same time. Can someone suport me what todo in the Microflow?   Microflow today with one Radio button enomuration;   But I would like to have 4 radio buttons that are retrieved from the microflow, what is to be added in the microflow?  
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If you want to do this in 1 microflow then retrieve all the enumeration values and create a new entity with the same enumerations as a non persistent entity and after the retrieve create the entity and map the enums to the retrieved values and display that entity in a page.

If the question is that you want to retrieve the value for the enums and display these by using a microflow as data source then you’ll need a separate microflow for every field.

I would go for the first option.