Associations of retrieved object(s) are empty, Fields displayed empty in the list.

Hi,  I have a Company entity and Company has orders.  There is 1 – 1 relation between Order entity and Receiver entity. When i am listing all orders of a customer, i want to display Receivers name in the list but it is empty.  When i try to put a dataview in the list, it shows the receiver and even all fields of receiver (first name, last name etc...) but in the end it is empty in the list.   Data source of the list is a microflow.  Retrieve activity gets orders using the logged in user. Retrieving Order entity by xpath. /// [MyFirstModule.Order_Company/MyFirstModule.Company/MyFirstModule.Company_User = $User] /// Microflow returns the list. Studio Pro 8.18.1 Any idea?    
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Hi Abdullah !

         If you give 1-1 relation between Order entity and Receiver entity, you can able to create one order for one Receiver. If you give, 1 - * many association between these two entities (make Order entity as a Parent one and Receiver should be Child entity) You can get list of orders ordered by the One receiver.  Use dataview, pass the context object as Receiver entity. Add one list view inside the dataview and give data source for list view as  by association. Select Receiver_Order. You will get list of orders placed the One receiver. If you  want to fetch the orders which is created by Logged in user. You can use Account entity. Create one microflow with Retrieve activity. Select First option. Then give Xpath like [id='%CurrentUser%']. You will get the currently logged in user. Return this object in end of the microflow. For data view, select datasource as microflow and select this microflow. Before that, you need to give 1 – * association between Account entity(Child) and Receiver(Parent) entity.