Open link from microflow

I have a microflow that retrieves the user role and according to that, either opens an edit page, or opens a webpage (i.e. open link with a specified URL). I know that the following is possible: 1) Buttons can do this ( 2) Create a blank page, with a dataview that expects an object of the entity that contains the URL. Then place a URL redirector widget on that page, and point to it the URL attribute. Then just use the microflow to open that page, and pass the correct object, which will open the link. My question is does anyone know a simple way to get the “open link” functionality directly in a microflow? Thanks for any help!
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A microflow runs on the server so I don't think it will be possible. If you can resort to use a nanoflow, which runs in the client, for this action you could use the OpenURL activitiy from the NanoflowCommons module.