How to implement a text filter in a microflow

Hi All, I would like to filter from a list of names all that contain a certain string (should be a variable not fixed) so if “AAA”  is the string then the output list could look like  [“my first AAA”, “next AAA-not”, “XXXAAAXXX”,...] entries. Is it possible to create such a microflow in Mendix? Maybe someone has an example, e.g. with regular expressions in the microflow. Cheers, Andreas  
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In a Retrieve action, you can use the function contains in the XPath constraint as follows:

[contains(ATTRIBUTE, $StringVariable)]

You can’t use this in Filter list activity (as far as I know), where you can only check for equal values. So you might have to use a retrieve action instead of filtering an existing list. 

The other option is to loop through your list and use the contains function to check each item, and then add them to a new list to return.