How can page auto redirect a new page?

Hello,I have several pages ,first ,I open a page, how can it  audo redirect a second page when some status changed ?   I have try to use  Microflow Timer ,it can redirect  a new page ,but it will go into loop by  judge the staus ,so that if I have  another require  to open a thrid page , It will occurs  error,  The EEEOR as below Is there anything clue  or new idea to solve this problem?  Thank you very much!
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Without knowing what you exactly want to achieve, I think you can either:

  1. Use an OnChange action on the status field, where you use a microflow to open the new page
  2. If the field is set by another function then include the opening of the page in the microflow/nanoflow that is setting the status to that value that should trigger the opening of the new page