File downloads working 1st time only in PWA

I am using my app as a PWA on iOS, and I’m having some issues with file downloads.  I implemented a standard Download file functionality in a microflow, which defaults to opening the file (as per the documentation). In my test, I was opening a PDF. I click on it, and it shows the default mobile dialogue asking me if I want to download the file. I click on Download, and the file was then correctly displayed as  PDF on my iPad. It was shown full screen, with no back button. In the app switcher (double tap home), it was still labeled as my PWA (not as a PDF reader showing the file). So the only way to get back to the app is to use the back-swipe functionality on the iPad (swipe in from the left edge of the screen). That gets me back into my app, but now I am unable to open any further files. If I click on any file (even a different one), it gives me the Download pop-up dialogue, but when I click on download, nothing happens. Has anyone else had these issues with downloading files in PWAs? Anyone have solution suggestions. In case your suggestion is to use the Document Viewer, I thought of this as well, but I have a different issue with that, which I posted as a separate question.
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I have the exact same issue and was wondering if there is a “simple” solution to this issue?


Yes, I have searched and yes there are widgets by Mendix partners, and rather complex solutions using deeplink and html widgets. But why does it have to be so complex?


Why can't Mendix offer a “open in external app” functionality like every other (PWA) web based solution?

If I have a PDF in my Mendix app I want to open it in Adobe or external browser.
If I have a Excel in my Mendix app I want to open it in MS Excel.



We ran into the same issue. Mendix support claims it is a limitation of PWAs on iOS and suggested a workaround based on the attached JavaScript action. When used the file will be downloaded on iOS. 

Since it is a limitation on the iOS side, they see it as a feature request and not a bug.