Set reference value by Microflow

Hello *, perhaps someone can assist me: I’m using an Entity A with an associated Entity B ( * → 1, and B is prefilled with values). In the initial input dialog the Entity B value isn’t, I will do this in a later step by a Microflow. For an update of a reference value I retrieve the object by association and set the value with a change object action – this doesn’t work because the referenced object isn’t initialized – null exception – OK, understood! But how can I set a (known) value by a MF inside the Entity B which isn’t initialized in the initial input dialog? I tried a workaround with a hidden reference input widget to get the initializion of the object, however I did not find a way to set a default value, here. Any hint is highly welcome. Bernhard  
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In the microflow you need to retrieve the Entity B (or create a new one) and then set the reference in Enitity A. And if B is new do not forget to commit that object also.





Hello Ronald,
I was happy too soon ... the solution means that a new entry is made in Entity B. But I want to reference an existing entry, now I have the same objects multiple times in Entity B. How can I reproduce the functionality of a reference selector in the microflow?