Executing REST requests in series

Hello, I am making a microflow that is activated by pressing a button.  The microflow start by sending a  REST GET request and then show the result of the request to the user. The next step in the microflow is a REST GET loop. The GET check a condition, and until the condition is valid the loop should continue. When it's valid, the result is shown to the user. EXPECTATION; User click on button, sees a message, clicks OK, waits a few seconds (the loop executes), and then get second message. REALITY; User clicks on button, waits a few seconds, get first message, click ok, immiediately gets second message. After some testing I've realized that the first GET and the whole GET-loop is being executed/completed fully before the first message appears to the user. How can this behaviour be changed?   I have Medix 8.18.1
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Not exactly sure on your situation but if you want the GET-loop to be executed after the users clicks OK in the first message, you can do something like this:

  1. Create a microflow button that executes the first GET request and show a pop-up 
  2. On this pop-up create a microflow OK button that triggers the GET-loop




I understand your idea.
I have only use the Client activity “Show Message”. Do you mean to use the widget “pop-up Menu” instead?