Get a specific list

My domainmodel is:  Student *→ Student_Klas *→ Klas made a non-persistable helper called SelecteerKlasStudent_Helper with an association to Student and Klas. In my program I have different Classes which hold different students. I want to get a reference list where it shows only those students that belong to a specific class. I used the following microflow: I used the following constraint:   What am I doing wrong here? Another follow up question.  I have the following screen: If I select a class I get the correct students in my class. If I deselect my class and select an other class I get again the correct students from that class. Only when I change classes without making it blank in between, my list of students is not refreshed. How can I refersh this “List of student” when I change the class in the first reference selector?
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Either use [Resultaten.Student_Klas/Masterdata.Klas/id = $Klas] or [Resultaten.Student_Klas = $Klas]