How can i use sql query in microflow or count and group by in XPath Constraints

Hi, guys, how can i make this in xpath constraint: “select count(column_name1) as new_name, column_name2 from table_name group by column_name2”
2 answers
  1. An xpath constraint only constraints the objects that will get retrieved. It can not group the objects, nor count.
  2. There is no single activity that can do the retrieve, count an group by that you specify.
  3. To be able to use SQL in a microflow, first download the sql-module from the appstore. Minor issue, it is not in there... So download the OQL module instead, much better, anyway since with OQL you don’t risk any database changes. Take the example from that module and you will get there.




In a microflow you do a retrieve action whith a sort (which will return a list) and afterwards a list action with a countlist of the retrieved list.