Validation not working properly

I can't get this validation working properly, hope someone see where I'm going wrong A piece of my domainmodel: My inputscreen: Part of my microflow where it goes wrong:   What I want: I don't want a duplicated “Vak” in the selected “VakCategorie”, but a “Vak” can exist in multiple “VakCategorie” (at the moment it can't make a duplicate in my database at all).    
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Hi Roel,

I think the key issue here is that you need to modify the association in your domain model first: the association between Vak and VakCategorie is 1..* which means that a Vak can only be associated with one VakCategorie. You need to change that to *..*.

The rule that a VakCategory can not contain duplicate Vakken need to be enforced using a validation microflow similar to what you show in the printscreens.

Does that put you on the right track?



Oh yeah ofcourse. Thnx, will be able to work with that.