Mass Updating Fields in a Data Grid

Hi everyone, I’m wondering if there is a way to edit multiple selections in a data grid, and then mass update the fields for all that is selected. For example, let’s say I want to select all of the data, then edit the “Name” field at the same time for all of these to say the same Name. Is there a way I can do this? Right now, you can only edit one at a time.  My current approach involves 2 microflows. I was told to create a microflow where you pass the list of selected objects. I also created a helper object within my domain model for easy retrieval when I attach the selected objects. I then created a page with the helper object where I show the field I mass update. From the pictures I attached, does anyone have more detail on how to do this? I am stuck as of now. Thank you in advance.  Microflow 1:  Microflow 2D
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In microflow 1 I do not see you attaching the list to this helper object with a reference. I would also create another reference and attach a newly created object containing the fields you want to mass update. Show that object in the page you show so the end user can change the fields it wants to mass update. Create a proces button passing the helper object. Then in microflow 2 retrieve the list and retrieve the newly created object both over their seperate references. Then indeed iterate over the list and change each of the fields by checking if the value of the newly created object is not empty. When empty do not change the attribute and when filled copy the attribute value from that newly created object to the iteration. And indeed commit the list and delete the newly created object and the helper object and close the page.

For that object containing the fields you can either use the same entity or copy the entity to a non persistent object you attach to the helper object. The advantage of a non persistent shadow entity is that you do not have to clean it or delete the object afterwards. Entities with autonumber for instance would give gaps etc when you delete the object afterwards.

Hope this helps.