Attachment: How to open file browser window from microflow?

I need to attach a file by clicking on the button. Currently, I add attachments like this: I click on the “New Attachment” button, which calls a microflow to create a new object of the Attachment entity and opens a popup. On the popup I have the file manager widget, I need to click on it in order to see the file browser window and select the file. I click the “save” button on the popup and a new object with the attachment is now saved.   I need to get rid of step 2 – intermediary popup as an extra step that just increases the number of clicks.  Is there a way to create a new object and open a file browser window to add an attachment to it using one microflow on button click? So that it work like this: Click on “New Attachment” button, new object created, file browser window opened I select the file in the file browser, close the window and the new object with this file is committed.
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Hi Maxim,

                 Create a datasource microflow, retrieve the document object if not empty , or create if empty. Then have file manager to upload which opens file browser window , upload and save. Thanks


You can do a couple of things to avoid the extra click, here are 2 options:

  1. Instead of showing a ‘ new attachement’  button use a dataview with a microflow datasource from your starting page. In this microflow create and return the file entity. Then in this dataview you can directly show the filemanager.
  2. Use the dropzone widget directly on your starting page: