Fetch variable value from Microflow to mendix form

Hi, I have calculated the days between two dates using daysBetween function in a microflow. But I am not able to fetch that value on the Mendix form which I created to show to user. Please suggest how can I display the calculated value on a new page? Thanks in advance.
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Assumption is that those two dates are already on the form you show together with the count. Use an on change microflow that pass the object to the microflow. Then do the calculation and update the field and do a refresh of the object where you store this field.






I have 3 possible solutions:

  1. You can create an extra attribute on the object you are showing on the page to display this value. Update this attribute and don't forget to check ‘Refresh in client’
  2. Another way is to use the CustomString widget on the form. See https://github.com/mendix/CustomString. As a result from the microflow of this widget, return the data you calcultated.
  1. Put a dataview on your page. Add a microflow as datasource. Create a non persistent object, set the attribute you want to display and return in the microflow. In the dataview, add the attribute you changed on the form.