MX 9.0.5 Workflow Manual Task: OnCreate microflow does not receive instance of UserTask

MX 9.0.5. I created a manual user task in the workflow and generated On Create microflow. The generated microflow has a parameter to receive an instance of WorkflowUserTask. However, during execution this parameter is empty. Is this supposed to be so, or a bug in workflow beta? P.S. Version 9.0.5 is not yet in the list of Mendix studio versions
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Hey Miroslav,


I’m pretty sure you’ve found a bug in the Workflow beta 🙈. I could indeed also reproduce this issue with the released 9.0.5 build.

I’ve passed the feedback on to the team; sounds like something we’d need to patch for 9.1 🙂.


Hi Miroslav. Did you create the specialised object of the Workflowcontext Entity? 


When you create a request handler in Workflow, you should create an entity “ request” that is specialised from the workflowcontect entity. Then create an object in the “request” entity en call the workflow. 


This should work.