Generating documents (docx) from multiple entities

Hi all I have about 3 or 4 entities I want to pull data from to input into a report template, there are about 50 attributes or so in total for this report. I have figured out how to initiate the generate report from the microflow page, but I’m confused as to how to take it from here using the ‘edit argument’ button. I have create a template, which has a selected list of widgets on the right, but not sure how this relates to the document generation. Here are my questions: I need to upload the report template, how do I do this, and do I need to create the expressions before uploading this document and insert them into the right positions within the report? If the above is sufficient, what relevance would the template nested in the app explorer have? I would have been nice to build a page using the page widgets such as graphics etc are generated,  but it appears only ‘data-related’ type widgets are available.    I have reviewed the help documentation on this, but I feel I need more hand-holding on this aspect to generate my first report, after which I’ll understand the processes to apply elsewhere in my app. Many thanks
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