MX 9.0.5 Workflow: Sleep and poll

My workflow needs to initiate an activity in another application and wait for its completion. In other words, the workflow calls a REST API to initiate an activity in another application, then goes to sleep for a period of time, then checks whether the activity in remote application has completed; if not, it goes to sleep again… and so on until the remote application completes the activity. Needless to say, the other application is rather inflexible and cannot notify the workflow of completion of the action. My initial idea is to create a manual task for a special user (remote application), and then create a periodic process which checks whether the manual task is still open, check on the completion of activity by the other application, and then either close the manual task or do nothing. Can anybody suggest a better idea?
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Hi Miroslav,

For now I think it’s the only option you have. Thanks for posting it, I’ll pass it on to the team.