Deeplink Module to drive role based navigation

Hi, We have an app with three user types. Each user type has different navigation that we want to display, but each nav item has parameters relating to the user .  For example:- User type = partner and the navigation needs to show that partner’s projects, jobs, opportunities. A different use type = customer, and they have different items filtered to their ID.  We want the Main Navigation to be able to take these parameters so we can have genuinely useful navigation, rather than driving the user to the homepage for all nav relating to their role.  Example of the nav we need:- (user type = partner): ‘Projects’ (with partnerID to only display THAT partners projects) ‘Opportunities’ (with partnerID) ‘Jobs’ (with partnerID)   We have installed the deep links module and have it set up (start-up microflow, set up ‘Deeplinkhome’ as ‘home’. We also have a microflow that calls the ‘DeepLinkHome’ microflow (attached images). However, we can’t get it to work. We have the following specific questions:- What do we need to include in this microflow for ‘projects’ as an example that we can then use for all links and roles. Do we need separate microflows for each of these and how do we get the destination URL into the link (e.g., /projects/[partnerID])? How do we then add these items to the main navigation so they work!   I’ve scoured the forums and can’t find anything to help with this, so any help would be really appreciated.   
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