Got an error with this condition $ModelHelperSequence/Sequence =($FindModelHelperSequence/Sequence+1).

Hi upon executing the microflow which contains this kind of condition "$ModelHelperSequence/Sequence =($FindModelHelperSequence/Sequence+1)", I run into an error. The console log states “Left and right hand side of binary expression should not be empty”. I dont somehow get the cause of the error for this one since the attribute data type of Sequence is Integer. In native programming you will never encounter this kind of error. It this a platform bug? Thanks for response :)
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This error occurs when either the ModelHelperSequence or FindModelHelperSequence is null (empty).

Not sure what you are trying, but it seems that you are retrieving data but basing this query on 2 variables in the microflow and not coparing it to the value in the entity that you are retrieving from (based on the left and right side $-characters).