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Hi, I have a few question to seek help.    Before i start off, here are some background. I am trying to read data from my database. so,  - I have made an entity called “EnvTemp” with 2 attributes of “reading_1” and “reading_2” along with access rules.  - I, then, create a page called ShowCharts. In this page, I placed a Data View and within it i placed a Area Chart.  - I also created a microflow of [ Start Event → Create Object [linking the entity to “EnvTemp”]  → Execute Query → End ]   So, here are some trouble i faced.    In the microflow, End Event, i choose the type to be an object and selected the return value to be $NewEnvTemp. Which i feels is wrong because the return value should be $ReturnValueName. If i should $ReturnValueName i will have to choose the type to be List. When i tried that, it gave me an error of “Return type of selected microflow should be Charts.EnvTemp”    I am not sure why it show me an error, is it because type – list is only for list view? If so, then am i doing my microflow correctly?   In the ShowCharts page, i have configured the x and y label, series to be static, entity “EnvTemp”, datasource to be microflow along with the attachment of my microflow and configured my x and y data attributes.    Am i doing the correct configuration? It gave me the error that state to “Microflow should have one parameter of type Charts.EnvTemp”.  I have to read data from my database hence choose the data source to be microflow, however in the microflow attached it says that it returns a list of data values which is not what i want because i want the values to reflect it in the graphs. Is that where i am doing it wrongly?    Please review my work. Thank you so much for taking your time here! 
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Hi Lu,

I'm not sure wether I fully understand your question. What are you trying to achieve? There are a couple of things I can answer for you regarding a microflow as a data source.

You say you put a data view in the page. This means your data source microflow should return a single object. All attributes (and their values) of that object will be available for your use within that data grid. As you already mentioned – returning a list would only work in a list- or template view.

A more detailed explanation is provided by Mendix, check out https://docs.mendix.com/howto8/front-end/charts-basic-create!

hope this helps!