n00b question - Problem viewing images

I’m  brand new (4 days old!) at Mendix, and I’m trying to write a very basic expense application where expenses are entered, a receipt image (JPG) is uploaded for the expense, and they are then sent for approval/rejection via another data grid page. The Domain Model looks like this. The problem is, I’m trying to use an image viewer to view the expense’s associated image but no image appears. I’ve created a Microflow to get the image and display it in an ImageViewer. The Microflow looks like this: (The middle box is just a message used for debug purposes) The properties for Retrieving the ExpenseReceiptsUpload row is as follows: When the user clicks the ‘View Receipt’ button, the view image panel appears, but no image is shown. Below are the properties for the ‘View Receipt’ button: Note t Note that I am calling the correct GetImageMicroflow microflow. The layout for the Image Viewer Object is as follows: Why are the images not appearing? I assume it has something to do with the association between my Expenses entity and my ExpensesReceiptsUpload entity but I feel like I’ve tried everything I can think of but I cannot get it to work! Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Have you tried starting with template  Finance&Budgettnig from new.mendix.com. Probably covers a big part of your requirements.

As to why your image is not appearing, that probably has to do with access rights. Go to your domain, double click the ExpenseReceitptsUpload, click tab Access and add an access-rights rule for the module-role (probably User) the gets allowed to see the image.

Don’t forget to add that modulerole ‘User’ to a Projectrole (See ‘Project’ → ‘Security’) that is granted to the you have signed  in with.