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Hello Everyone, I have an entity in which attributes are name, email address, isSent, title, message, endDate. I want to sent email for those where current date is equal to endDate. I have imported Email with template module and its dependencies. I have successfully sent the first mail (Excellent, it's working!) by configuration as per documents. But I want to send email to those email in above mentioned entity where current date is equal to endDate. Can anyone please guide me how I can make a microflow for this and what microflows do I need to use from Email with template module. Please guide me through this.
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best way imho is to create a datetime variable at the begin of your microflow. You can then retrieve the entities where isSent = false and endDate = $DateTimeVariable (Or maybe even better endDate <= $DateTimeVariable). Once you have a list of objects that need to receive an email, you can iterate over those objects and call the right microflows from the email module. 

The e-mail module as i recall has example microflows you can use as a guide to create your own actions.




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