How to create a simple While loop?

I need to create a simple loop in the microflow, that would not iterate through some list, but just repeat an operation several times, while a boolean is true. It looks like I need the “While” loop, as it is described here: The problem is – I can’t change the loop type! There is no such option as loop type in the loop action properties. How can I create a simple while loop?
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The ‘while’ option is only available as of Mendix version 9.0.5. So if you are working in 8.18.1 you will have to create it like this:

  • activity create counter, value 1
  • activity merge
  • your activities
  • activity decision, if counter < yourmax,
    • if true go to “activity change counter, add 1” and then back to the merge,
    • if false go to the end event

or any variant on this.