How to create a sign in microflow? Is there a standard module that I can use?

Hi,   I am trying to create a sign-in process for users to sign in with their credentials in my app. I have used the sign-in form widget   However, now I am trying to connect a sign-in microflow to the sign-in button. I am wondering whether there is any default microflow template I can use to create this? or is there any module I can use?   I have seen only modules for forgot password, etc.   Cheers,   Kevin
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Mendix has a standard process for sign-in. What exactly do you want to achieve?


Hello Kevin,

In Mendix we can use authentication widgets Sign-in Button to login, there are some setups in security and navigation.
Below I have attached all the links which may help you to create User login page, user Registration page And how to setup this setting.
I hope you resolve this issue by using this link.


Custom Login Page link:- 


Design Login Page link:-

User Registration Link :-