Can containers in Mendix 9 pass parameters from their parent to a form or microflow?

I recall that a new feature in the “late 8’s” or Mendix 9 was that when calling a microflow that the parent object was available as a parameter. Maybe I mis-remember this. My use case is this: I have a 1:* master:child page. I want to have a row of buttons on the * child grid view with Edit, Delete and Add. Edit and Delete are easy, but for Add I need to pass the parent dataview object so I can build the association. I know that I can put the Add in the parent view, but I’d rather it be on the same row as Edit and Delete. How is this best accomplished now? I went away from Mendix for a little while so I’m catching up.
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Welcome back! If you indeed have a master-child page, it will resemble this setup:

Just right click in the button-bar, select Add button => Action, that will make the Action button get created.

Next, right click the Action button, and select ‘edit on click action’, and select ‘call a microflow' and click button 'new'. Give it a name and click ok. Now a microflow has been created. The beauty is: it has two input parameters, both the master object and the child object.



Hi Rob,

  This is indeed now part of the platform works. If you create a microflow button and have the parent as an input parameter, the platform will identify the correct object to send to your flow. See the below screenshot: