Refresh an attribute of an entity based in a microflow condition

I create a Microflow where an Attribute “Counter_1” of an Entity “Counters” have to be refreshed (based to a condition) every time when an Attribute “Number” of another entity “Values” changes. To do so, I call the microflow every time I change the Attribute “Number” in order to refresh and commit the Attribute “Counter_1”. I also retrieve the association between both Entities (1-1). If the number value is more than 4, Counter_1 must add 1 in its value; if not, It must subtract 1. I do not know if this could solve my App requirement. Thanks!  
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Add the logic for increamenting the counter_1 attribute in Before commit microflow of Number entity. so that everytime the number entity is changed and committed the counter_1 value will be increamented or decremented based on the condition.