Need help making a system in which you can make, change and delete appointments for school

Hello, For a school project I need to make an app that can make appointments and then you should be able to view, change and delete them. I already got the making and viewing part down and I think I won’t have trouble with the deletion part as well but I need help with the changing. For the list view that views your appointments, I found out you can call a microflow on-click that only works on the clicked on object, which is great. But how do i configure the on-click action to let the user change the values? I can only get a microflow to change the attributes to preset values. The appointment consists of 4 parts: an enumeration, a conditionally visible string, a date and time and another enumeration in that order. I want the user to be able to change the values the same way they created them, which in this case is dropdowns for the enumerations and a text box and date picker for the other two. Ideally there would be a second page where they can change the values and either save or cancel the changes. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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