2 Questions for execute OQL in microflow

   I have OQL query for select data from database for employee.FirstName , employee.LastName    select employee/TitleName+' '+employee/FirstName+' '+employee/LastName as Officer     then I put it into Activity Execute OQL statement , but I got same error case in activity detected found spacial character  with single quote ‘ How can I fixed this problem ? I would like to concat firtname with space and lastname            2  In my OQL statement I need to put string parameter from other microflow  for where clause statement . How can I do that ? what ‘s activity to solve problem?   Thank you, Somboon
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In order to do the space between the attribute you should use something like: + ''   '' +  Instead of the single quotes.

Futhermore, if you pass on the string parameter from the microflow to the microflow where you are executing the oql, you can just use the $StringParameter within the string of your OQL