How to keep unsaved objects while navigating between pages?

I have a form, where I work with input fields for several linked objects in nested data views. Parent data view uses a non-persistable entity object for managing conditional visibility on the page.  Several nested data view display objects where I change attribute values through input fields. There is also a listview inside, where I can see several input fields, and a button, which should open a new page where I can manage more input fields for this listview object.   The challenge is: when I click on the button in the listview row (green button on the illustration) ,  I need to open a separate page, where I can edit more input fields of the selected listview object, and then go back to the form. The problem is – the form is not saved when I leave the form page, (I save it later by clicking save buttion) so I need somehow to keep all the form objects in the memory while I’m on the second page, and pass them back after I return to the form (orange button on the illustration).  How can I do it? 
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Could you not set a reference to the non persistent object? Because then as long as you have this object you can retrieve all the changed objects and do the stuff you need to do.