How to leave and return to the page to continue working with an object, without saving it?

This is a better example for the question I asked before: I have a page, with a data view that receives some object as a page parameter. Inside of this data view I have a list of some other objects. Inside of the list, I have a button. When I click on the button I should jump to another page, where I will see different input fields for this list object.  After I will add some values in these fields, I want to go back to the previous page.   The challenge is – I didn’t save the object in the data view on the previous page, and I don’t want to save it. So I need to click on the button in the listview row, go the second page, add something in the input fields, then go back. And the object in the parent data view should be still available, even though it’s not saved, because only after it I will save it by clicking another save button.  How can I do it? How can I pass a particular list object to another page, while preserving another object in the memory to save it later? I was suggested to associate it with the session and then retrieve it, but I think it won’t work, because then I’ll need to commit it, while I need to keep not saved.  UPD Basically it works exactly as I need, if the second page is a popup. Then I can pass only a single object there, while other objects on the page remain. Is it achievable if the second page is not a popup but a responsive page?
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You could create a navigation microflow that passes in your second page’s object, retrieves your first page’s object by association, then use a ‘Show Page’ activity that passes in your first page’s object.