Header details relationship

Hello Team   I have a simple header details relationship as below, where 1 invoice will have several invoice lines In mendix, how do i configure link from InvoiceLines.InvoiceID to Invoices.InvoiceID What is also the best practice to design a form screen with 1 invoice, and multiple invoice lines? What is the page parameter in that case. Finally how do i save the data?   Thank you
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I would try to follow some basic learning paths in the Academy like this one: https://academy.mendix.com/link/path/40/Mendix-Basics .

You could show a grid of Invoices. Below the grid you can have a dataview that lsitens to the grid above. In this dataview you can then put a grid with the invoice lines that you retrieve over the association. You will learn all this stuff in the basic course also on how to create new invoice lines etc.