Error CE0117

Hi all, I’m really new to Mendix, so this might be a bit of a stupid question, but I’m creating a microflow to automatically fill in Invoices.  When I’m trying to get the name in the expression, I get the error code CE0117: The microflow expression is of type string, but should be of type Reference to {entity}. Any idea what I should change? I was able to automatically fill in date and price, so I don’t know why this is different.  Thanks!  
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What Mendix is telling you is that you pass the wrong kind of object. You returned a string but Mendix is expecting an entity. You might want to try to pass the invoice as parameter to the microflow, then change the attributes with the correct values and then refresh the invoice to show the change to the end user. Otherwise show the microflow with what you are trying to do to help you further.